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Three generations of Smith family leaders have made an extraordinary and overwhelming impact upon their communities, both through the institutions they created and by direct and devoted contact with their beneficiaries.

NIPI's establishment resulted from a collaborative relationship between Mr. Charles E. Smith and Prof. Joel Elkes that began in 1969, and went into operation in 1971. The Smith family's vision, and its appeal to members of the Israeli scientific community, enabled the establishment of a funding organization that goes beyond conventional scientific institutes to function as a flexible, inductive, and catalytic center. Although administratively based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it serves researchers at all Israeli universities, institutes, and medical centers. NIPI is grateful to the late and dearly remembered Charles E. Smith and his family.

Robert H. Smith expended what his father began, so too did he extend and deepen the Smith family connection with the Psychobiology Institute in Israel. A member of its Board of Trustees since inception, he was always active and always interested in the scientific achievements nurtured by NIPI.

He saw the family's dream realized; a nationwide network of Israeli scientists working together in basic, theoretical, applied and clinical psychobiology as a scientific community whose impact on scientific progress in Israel and on psychobiology world wide has already been substantial.

Robert H. Smith died in December 2009, aged 81.

David Bruce Smith continues the legacy of generosity and devotion of his father and grandfather to psychobiology research and Israel's scientific infrastructure. This dedication has enabled NIPI to flourish for over 3 decades.

David Bruce Smith is the President of the National Institute of Psychobiology Israel NIPI. He has been a business executive, writer, editor, and publisher.  He is the author of nine books, and holds degrees in American literature and journalism from George Washington University and New York University.

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